UAE’s Mars City Project 2117 | UAE’s City In Red Planet


UAE’s Mars City Project 2117

UAE’s Mars City Project 2117 is about the launch of project to create human settlements on Mars by 2117

This dream is going to be a reality in 100 years. The Gulf state unveils this new ambition to make a city on another planet.

The UAE has announced this ambitious new project on 15th of February 2017. It aims to create livable environments on Mars within the next 100 years that is by 2117.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum revealed about this project last week in Dubai.

He said “The landing of people on other planets has been a longtime dream for humans. Our aim is that the UAE will spearhead international efforts to make this dream a reality”.

Sheikh Mohammed added “The new project is a seed that we plant today, and we expect future generations to reap the benefits, driven by its passion to learn to unveil a new knowledge,“

This is the country that has already invested $5.4 billion (£4.3 billion) for its space agency, a Pan-Arab Space Agency similar to Europe’s agency.

It working is in partnership with the National Centre of Space Studies, France and the UK Space Agency.

The focus areas for them is the Red planet. The UAE’s first mission to the planet (Mars Hope) is due to be launched in 2021. It will be the first Arab probe sent into space, if that will be a successful project.

A statement said, ‘The Mars 2117 project will begin with an Emirati team of scientists before expanding internationally’.

How to travel to the planet faster, how to meet human needs for food, transportation and energy on Earth’s neighborhood will explored over the coming decades.

Announcement of the Mars 2117 Project

Finally the Announcement of the Mars 2117 project was made at Dubai’s fifth annual World Government Summit.

It is the meeting of  prominent leaders from the public and private sectors, as well as international thought leaders and pioneers.

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