UAE Holidays 2017 | Plan Your Vacations In Advance


UAE Holidays 2017

UAE Holidays 2017 is here for your reference to plan your vacation in advance.

Plan your year with the guidelines.


Calendar 2017

Day  Date  Occasion Number of Days Reason of Celebration What is Done
Sun  Jan 1 New Year’s Day 1 Celebration of New Dawn of the Year Fireworks at Burj Khalifa, atlantis, Burj Al Arab etc
Mon April 24* Al Isra’a Wal Mi’raj – Ascension day 1 The night Allah took Mohammad (PBUH) on a journey from Makkah to Jerusalem and then to heaven. Offer prayers throughtout the night, some lit candles too
Sat May 27* Ramadan expected to begin 0 First day of fasting Muslims do not eat or drink during the day light hours (Fasting)
Sun June 25* Eid Al Fitr 2 Festival of breaking the Fast (End of Ramadan) Time for kindness and love, with distribusion of free foods and gifts
Thur Aug 31* Arafat (Haj) Day 1 Second day of annual Haj (Pilgrimage) At dawn, Muslim pilgrims starts from Mina to mount Arfat’s Plains 
Fri Sep 1* Eid Al Adha – Feast of Sacrifice 2 Festival of Sacrifice (Ibrahim’s willingness of sacrificing his son for Allah) Goat sacrifice:Divided into 3 parts (1 for Family, 1 for Relatives and 1 for the Poors)
Fri Sep 22* Al Hijri – Islamic New Year 1 Islamic New year 1438 Muslims go to mosque and take time to relax, reflect, and even mourn on their New Year’s Day
Thur Nov 30 Commemoration Day 1 Celebration of Martyr’s Day UAE Flag will be lowered from 8am to 11pm with a minute’s silence
Thur Nov 30* Milad Un Nabi – Birthday of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) 1 Birthday of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) large parades and open-air celebrations in green clothing and flags. Sharing of food and cakes to everyone
Sat Dec 02 UAE National Day 2 Celebration of the unification of the Trucial States Uptown celebration, Carnivals, Celebrations in malls, concerts, fire shows, games etc

*Dates may change with change in moon sightings

Year of Long weekend (UAE holidays 2017)

2017 is called a year of long weekend since almost all the holidays are falling around the weekends.

In addition to all these Payed public holidays will be more than the un-payed private holidays in UAE this year. Therefore public sector will have more vacations.

Due to the change in moon there may be change in the holidays too. Furthermore it is always good to plan the holidays in advance so don’t wait for the moon but plan it right now.

As a result of your plan you may book your vacation in advance and your colleague may not get a chance to go on a vacation.

Things to do with UAE holidays 2017

  • Plan your long vacation
  • Take the leaves beforehand
  • Book the tickets on budget
  • Make all the arrangements in advance

So make place for your happiness in advance.

UAE holidays 2017

Finally we wish you a happy vacation.

Image source: happy-holidays

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