Unbelievable Desert Ride | UAE Desert Motocross 2013


UAE Desert Motocross 2013

UAE desert motocross held in 2013 is herein the video. Every year the motocross champions win good prizes here.

Dubai was once a desert full of sand. Now it has the most beautiful things of the earth. Desert sports and games were of old times but they are still continued.

People of UAE love sports and stays lively and healthy due to this habit. Dubai adds many new sports to its list every year to make more people participate in the activities. This desert sports has many riding motors like the bikes, cars, and other vehicles.

Same as the skaters love to do skating in the ice, the bike riders enjoy the rides in the sand. There is less harm in riding in the sand. You are less hurt by the sand than by the water or the ice. Racers are always welcomed to participate in the desert motocross.

First of all you will be well trained with the desert riding. Your confidence is very importance in winning whatever you do. So increase your level of confidence with the other riders that will boost your experience.

A proper safety equipment is provided before you start the race. Number plates and uniforms are provided. Your helmet will have a camera fitted on it to record your memorable race in the desert.

Do not forget to add this to your to do list while you are in UAE for a visit or for a work. Be active and be healthy.


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