Skydive Dubai | 13,000 feet above the Palm Jumeirah


Skydive Dubai

Skydive Dubai is a great attraction of Dubai for the Visitors and people of Dubai. First of all Palm Jumeirah is clearly viewed from above and this is the drop zone for skydiving.

Dubai is Known because of the highest building on earth. Every human being dreams to touching the sky and fly high in the sky. Coming to Dubai is like a dream come true for the visitors. In addition to these you will find ice for skating, desert for safaris and sea for surfing and many more in this city.

There are a bunch of adventure in this city to explore. Dubai is a small city, yet it is full of life and adventure. If you are a person who love doing adventures, you must try this skydiving from 13,000 feet above the palm Jumeirah.

Therefore Stay lively and use all the opportunity coming your way during your stay in Dubai. Add this to your to do list in Dubai and enjoy the free fall skydiving above the palm.

Probably people enjoy the skydive without regret. Since a good coaching is given to the divers, peoples are trained well for diving. All the equipment required for the diving are provided by the company. Safety measures are taught beforehand to avoid any accidents.


In conclusion though it seems like there is possibility of some accident but Dubai skydiving has proven in good safety measures that has avoided many accidents till now. At last take out your fear of diving and join the group to feel the adventure of flying in reality.

You are dropped in a special plane from a height of 13,000 feet. While you land on the surface you will be using parachute that helps in safe landing. You can dive alone or in a group or in a couple. Furthermore trainers are always there for your support.


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