New Rules Of Dubai Driving License 2017 Favors Expats

Dubai Driving License

New Rules Of Dubai Driving License 2017

New rules of Dubai Driving License For Expats says that the expats will get a driving license only for 2 years.

“Drive safely, abide by law and avoid tickets and black points.”- Maj. Gen. Al Zafeen

New Law

  • Driving licences issued From 1st July 2017 will only be valid for 2 years.
  • After 2 years driving license can be renewed for 5 years.
  • You must have valid residence permit for renewal.
  • No effect on the existing driving licence holders.
  • According to ministerial decree no. 177 of 2017- this short period licence will be for certain categories as recommended by federal traffic council.
  • Driving licence will coordinate with health authority for issue.
  • People with epilepsy and sudden acute bouts of diabetes will not get licence.
  • Speed limit for residential areas are 40 km per hour.
  • Not wearing seat belt will cause you fine of DH 400 for all the passengers inside the car.
  • Motorists can pay their fines via Al Fardan Exchange branches.
  • Driving License UAE will enforce Stricter traffic law.
  • Diseased person will not be permitted to drive a vehicle.
  • Must take care with speed and sound while passing residential areas, hospitals and education buildings.
  • 2 wheeler, mortised bicycles or 3 wheeler must have proper licence.
  • Quad bikes must only be driven in deserts.
  • Children above age 10 must only be allowed to sit in front seat of car.
  • School buses must stop at the authorized stoppages and must not stop more than 5 meters away from the side stand.

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These laws are applicable for all the people who already have valid driving license and the people who are waiting to get a driving license. Finally every one must read each of the following even if you have valid driving license. It is for all the expats.

Therefore check these new laws before applying for a license after 1st July. This is for improvement of UAE Traffic related problems. Therefore be a a part of improvement.

Because of this new law, UAE plans to solve traffic problems.

Driving Classes Timing

  • Effective from 1st January 2017.
  • Classes on road will last for 1 hour per day from current 30 minutes.
  • No additional cost.
  • A minimum of 20 hours of road driving.
  • 4 hours of practical training will have an hour interval after 2 hours.
  • Without Driving Licence of other country- 40 classes of 30 minutes
  • With driving licence(2-5 yrs) of other country- 15 Classes
  • With Driving Licence (more than 5 yrs) of other country- 10 Classes


How to Apply for New Driving Licence in Dubai 2017

Driving Licence is another skill that can help you get jobs with attractive packages. It can be added in the resume for adding more value.

Total Cost: 5000 Dirhams

What it Covers?

  1. Trainging cost
  2. Exam Fees
  3. Application fees

Dubai Driving License

Documents Required For Dubai Driving Licence

  1. Application Form must be submitted to RTA (Road and Transport Authority)
  2. Residence Stamped Original Passport along with a copy of Passport
  3. No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from Sponsor or Employer
  4. 8 Passport size photos with white background


Dubai Driving Licence Qualifications

  • Must be above 18 years
  • 18 to 21 years will be provided Probationary License
  • Must Pass Eye test at driving school or any optician
  • Application must be filled in Arabic (Your Driving School will help for this)
  • During Training you will be provided temporary license
  • Before theory class Parking and garage tests must be passed
  • Road exam is administered after the theory exam.


Dubai Driving License Procedure

  • Eye Test
  • Submit Documents
  • Temporary License for Training
  • Internal Tests
  • RTA Theory tests
  • RTA Road Test


Number Of Classes Required For Dubai Driving License

  • Without Driving Licence of other country- 40 classes of 30 minutes
  • With driving licence(2-5 yrs) of other country- 15 Classes
  • With Driving Licence (more than 5 yrs) of other country- 10 Classes

Dubai Driving License

Theory Test

  • Computer touch screen test
  • Multiple Choice exam
  • Time 30 minutes
  • Fees 200 AED
  • Documents- ID card and Driving Files
  • Total questions- 35

1st part

  • Number of Questions- 17
  • About- General Traffic conditions and situations
  • Minimum Correct Answer- 11

2nd part

  • Number of Questions- 18
  • About- Specific driving license
  • Minimum Correct Answer- 12


Road Test

  • Road test or Practical Exam
  • Requirements- Driving File, 2 Passport size photos, Passport
  • Fees- 200 AED
  • Demonstrate driving skills


Failed Dubai Driving Test

  • Need to Go back to Driving School to attend a minimum of 7 classes
  • Book another road test appointment
  • Fees 200 AED


Countries Where Dubai Driving License can be Used

  1. Any GCC country
  2. Australia
  3. Austria
  4. Bahrain
  5. Belgium
  6. Canada
  7. Denmark
  8. Finland
  9. France
  10. Germany
  11. Greece
  12. Ireland
  13. Italy
  14. Japan
  15. South Korea
  16. Kuwait
  17. Netherlands
  18. New Zealand
  19. Norway
  20. Oman
  21. Poland
  22. Portugal
  23. Qatar
  24. Romania
  25. Saudi Arabia
  26. South Africa
  27. Spain
  28. Sweden
  29. Switzerland
  30. Turkey
  31. United Kingdom
  32. United States


Simple Tricks To Pass Dubai Driving Test Easily


  • Dress Perfectly
  • Fasten Seat Belt
  • Be Confident
  • Be Relaxed
  • Check hand break
  • Check side mirrors
  • Perform a Blind spot test
  • Keep sufficient distance
  • Indicate while changing lane
  • Wait in T- Junctions
  • Exit with Right Indicator
  • Shift to low speed lane after U-Turn
  • Park Parallel to Road
  • Take an Online Traffic sign Test

Do not’s

  • Don’t Ask Too much
  • Do not Forget
  • Don’t be Nervous
  • Do not enter roundabout until your left is clear

Dubai Driving License

New Traffic Rules And Fines

There are a number of fines imposed on different traffic offenses. While you drive on the road or just park somewhere, you can still be fined. There is a speed limit for every road. Therefore know the Traffic rules of Dubai.

Since the traffic rules are updated frequently keep yourself updated.

Speeding Over Limit

80 Km/h

  • Dh 3,000 Fine
  • 23 Black points
  • 60 Days Confiscation

60 Km/h

  • Dh 2,000
  • 12 Black points
  • 30 Days Confiscation

Speeding Limit Not More Than

60 Km/h

  • Dh 1,500
  • 6 Black points
  • 15 Days Confiscation

50 Km/h

  • Dh 1,000

40 Km/h

  • Dh 700

30 Km/h

  • Dh 600

20 Km/h

  • Dh 300

Driving After Alcohol Consumption

  • 23 Black points
  • 90 Days Confiscation
    (decided by court)

Driving Under Influence Of Drugs

  • 23 Black points
  • 60 Days Confiscation
    (decided by court)

Driving Vehicle without Number Plate

  • Dh 3,000
  • 23 Black Points
  • 90 days confiscation

Overtaking on Hard Shoulder

  • Dh 1,000
  • 6 Black points

Blocking Traffic

  • Dh 1000

Transporting Passengers illegally

  • Dh 3,000
  • 24 Black points

Jumping a Red Light

  • Dh 1000
  • 12 Black points
  • 30 Days confiscation

Drivers using Mobile Phones

  • Dh 800
  • 4 Black points

Sudden Swerve

  • Dh 1,000

Exceeding Permitted level of 50% car window tinting

  • Dh 1,500

Driving Dangerously

  • Dh 2,000
  • 60 Days Confiscation

Failure of fastening Seat Belt

  • 4 Black points
  • 60 Days confiscation

Vehicle Registration Expired

  • Dh 500
  • 7 Days Confiscation
    (if expired 3 months back)

Drving Noisy Vehicle

  • Dh 2,000
  • 6 Black Points

Children under 10 yrs or under 145cm in Front Seat

  • Dh 400
  • 4 Black Points

Renewal of Driving Licence in Dubai

  • Shelf life of the driving licence of expats is now 5 years instead of 10 years
  • All Expat Drivers up for renewal will be affected
  • Renewal cost will be Dhs 110
  • People under 21 years will get 1 year license.
  • People above 21 years would have got a license of 10 years which can be renewed for another 5 years.


What are the documents required for renewing Dubai Driving License

  • Expired License
  • Eye Test Certificate
  • Passport copy stamped with RESIDENCY VISA
  • Emirates ID
  • 2 Passport size Photographs (White background)


Dubai Driving License Renewal Fees

  • Eye Test- 150 AED
  • RTA Fees- 200 AED
  • Delivery Fees (Optional)- 20 AED
  • Pending Fines on Expired License


Dubai Driving License Renewal Procedures

  • Online- Visit RTA Website
  • RTA Smart App- Download Drivers and Vehicles Apllication
  • RTA Call Center- Call 8009090

Dubai Driving License

Dubai Driving Schools

  1. Al Ahli Driving School (10 branches)
  2. Belhasa Driving School (18 branches)
  3. Dubai Driving Center (13 branches)
  4. Emirates Driving Institute (53 branches/mall counters)
  5. Galadari Driving School (14 branches)

Dubai Driving License

Future Laws of Dubai Driving License

  • 8 Mandatory Lectures for motorcycles in place of 2
  • 3 Categories for motorcycle licenses in place of 1
  • Consideration for driver’s age and engine’s capacity of motorcycles
  • 9 Mandatory Lectures for Heavy Vehicles in place of 8
  • A mandatory practical training for heavy vehicles
  • Real-life videos from surveillance cameras will be used for theoretical lectures
  • Elderly drivers will require to submit medical fitness report
  • Smart Apps for Traffic Accidents and vehicle fire

Dubai Driving License

Some FAQ

Q. In how many days my new driving license will be issued?
A. 2 to 5 working Days

Q. Is Credit Card valid in RTA?
A. No

Q. Can Eye test be done in RTA?
A. No, but you can do in nearby optician

Q. Is there any Dubai RTA branch?
A. No

Q. What is the procedure for name changing in Dubai Driving License?
A. Update from RTA for free

Q. Where can I pay my fines of other Emirates?
A. Pay online in Abu Dhabi Police website

Q. What to do when my License is locked or can not be renewed?
A. Personally pay the fines in other Emirates where you have fines

Q. I have Dubai Driving License and it is going to expire soon. Can I renew it when I come to Dubai after few years?
A. Yes

Q. How many months before can I Renew my Dubai Driving License?
A. 6 Months before

Q. Is it necessary to pay car fines before renewing driving license?
A. No, but if the license is locked due to car black points you need to pay the fines.

Q. Can I renew driving license without Residence visa and Emirates ID?
A. No

Q. Can Abu Dhabi license be renewed in Dubai?
A. Yes but through online only- Ministry of Interior Website

Q. How much is the Late fines when renewing the license?
A. AED 10 per month.

Q. Do I need to renew license when changing the job or exiting country?
A. No

Q. After Expiry how long I get to renew?
A. You need to pay 10 AED per day from the day of Expiry

Q. Can I still use UAE driving license after cancelling residence visa?
A. Yes but it can not be renewed

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