21 New Places To Visit In Dubai With Less Money And More Entertainment


New Places To Visit In Dubai

New places to visit in Dubai is all about the latest addition of some really interesting places in Dubai that you must not miss.

Since Dubai is an evolving city of the world every day something new appears out of no were. Though 2016 was a year of many surprises but 2017 too has many surprises kept secret under the cover.

Some of the secret New places to visit in Dubai you can start visiting are here. You can enjoy your weekends in these places with no regret.

There are a million of people that travel from different countries each year to visit these places. Do not forget to add these new places to visit in Dubai to your bucket list.

Finally this is a time where UAE is planning to travel to another planet from building the world’s tallest building. There are a number of projects scheduled for each month and year.

Therefore visit the new places in Dubai 2017 which have already become a great tourist attraction.

1. Dubai Water Canal

It is an artificial water canal that flows under the road with a colorful LED lighting. There are boats from RTA that pass through the water fall occasionally. The nearby area include shopping centers, hotels and restaurants.

There are also walkways and cycle paths that starts from Business Bay to Jumeirah. It is an extension of Jumeirah beach park therefore there are sandy beaches and recreational activity area included.

Since it is a man made water canal it also has LED lights in the waterfall. The total length of the canal consists of 10 to 12 km.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Water Canal | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Entry Fees: Free
Timing: 08:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Location: Sheikh Zayed Road bridge at Exit 49

2. Dubai Frame

It is a newest tourist spot of 2017 located near the Star Gate of Zabeel Park. The height of the Frame is 150 m or 492 ft.

The position of the frame is in such a way that the modern Dubai can be viewed from one side and the old Dubai can be viewed from other side.

The visitors will be experiencing the mezzanine level at first which will showcase the old Dubai. Then the Sky deck level from where you will be able to view the old and new Dubai.

Finally the other side of the mezzanine level which will be composed of elements representing new Dubai. The exit will be through a mezzanine floor which will depict the future Dubai 50 years ahead.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Dubai Frame | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Location: Zabeel Park

Entry Fees

  • Adult- 50 AED
  • Children- 30 AED
  • Free for Children below 3 years and disabled people

3. IMG World of Adventure

It is a world’s largest indoor theme park. This is the best themed entertainment destination where the park is divided into four zones.

There are cartoon networks, marvels, lost valley, IMG boulevard and dinosaur adventure. The park welcomes 20,000 guests per day.

There are enormous number of fun activities for children to spend a whole day. Therefore you can bring your family for a weekend to enjoy with the children while having delicious food from the shops and restaurants in the park.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
IMG world | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Entry Fees:

  • Park admission: AED245
  • Junior admission (under 1.2m in height): AED225
  • Children (under 1.05m in height): Free
  • Senior Citizens (over age of 60): AED150
  • Annual Pass: AED1295


  • Sunday- Wednesday: 11am to 9pm
  • Thursday- Saturday : 11am to 10pm

Location: City of Arabia, Dubai, UAE

4. Dubai Eye Ferris Wheel

Dubai eye is the world’s biggest Ferris wheel of the world. It is on the blue-waters island. It reaches up to 260 meters. The flight will take 48 minutes. It will be put on a four legged frame for better support.

The wheel will have large plaza, shops and dinning places around it. Therefore you can spend a whole day with many other entertainment attractions available there.

There will be 4D cinema that will elaborate Dubai while you enter the Dubai eye. Finally with the help of two escalators you can enter into the capsule to start the flight.

In addition to all the exit will include a film that will show the firework for the grand finale. From the capsules you can view Dubai coastline, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Dubai eye ferris wheel | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Location: Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence

5. Dubai Opera House

It is a new masterpiece in Dubai. The shape of the opera house is like a futuristic dhow. It hosts the biggest opera ballet, theaters and classic musics.

The opera house can accommodate 2000 visitors. Therefore it is the first world class cultural facility in Dubai. There are a wide range of international performances you can enjoy here. It is a part of Opera district in downtown.

In addition the space can be converted into a traditional theater, hall or exhibition area.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Opera House | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Location: Downtown Dubai

6. Box Park Dubai

It is a dining place in Dubai with urban lifestyle. It is a best place to shop, dine and many more.

Since the boxpark is shipping containers that are turned into shopping mall, they look like boxes. You can find many famous branded shops. The area covers 1,200 meters with 44 high end outlets.

The area looks super cool with palm trees on the sides. The colorful box shaped containers give a perfect look to the area. There are chairs where you can relax after a walk or shopping.

It is located along the roadside. Finally it is the perfect place for tourism and the best place to get a little taste of home for urban peoples.

Finally there are also some art showcasing around the area so keep an eye on each popping illusions.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Box Park | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Shop in:
Typo, OpePiece, Urbanist, The Zoo, Liv by Giant, Rundholz, Poupette a la Plage, Adidas Originals, Nike, Toms and Swatch.

Eat in:
Grom, Ja Restaurant, Bubbleology, Yamaha Cafe, Logma, Goppis Desserts, Bianca Mozzarella, Ahwak, Big Smoke Burger and Dri Dri

Location: Al Wasl Road

7. City walk Dubai

It is an European Style streets. There are designer stores and restaurants on the sides while you take a walk. A breathtaking view of Burj Khalifa and some skyscrapers can be cought easily.

Some favorite spots like Spinneys, Physique 57 and Brandi Pizzeria are present in an open air area.
There are hotels, low-rise apartments, wellness centers and many more attraction continues to add up in the area.

Since the area is filled with natural lights and natural bird musics, it has an unique feature .

Total area includes 10 million square feet.

Finally there is a mosque, play area, cinemas and exhibition of Harem Al Sultan, Hub Zero and Green Planet.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
City Walk | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Shop in:
Geek Nation, Georg Jensen, Dinh Van Paris, Karl Lagerfeld, Level Kids, Carven, Barbara Bui, Weekend Max Mara, Rag & Bone and Essentiel Antwerp

Eat in:
Brass Coffee & Community, Galvin Brothers concepts, Farzi Cafe, Bubo, Serendipity3 and Tartufi & Friends,

Safa Road between Al Wasl Road and Shaikh Zayed Road at the Dubai Mall interchange.

8. Nikki Beach Dubai

It is a beach on pearl Jumeirah Island. There are a number of hotels, spa, residence areas, restaurants and fitness centers.

Since there are restaurants with international brands, they make them more attractive. They look extremely gorgeous and the price for dining is not as expensive as expected.

Since Nikki beach is the first to bring food, music and entertainment together it is a preferable place for visitors.

The beach is large open space with a small rock outlay. The buildings are all low-rise with stunning architecture and design. There is a lagoon style pool.

Finally there is a guitar of red roses is set on a bridge. There are umbrellas to cool you down.

The food available are both Asian and Mediterranean. Food is served in a breathtaking sushi boat.

In addition special live performances goes on to keep you entertained.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Nikki Beach | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Entry Fees:
Main Brunch: Starting from 100 AED
Beach Access: 300 AED (Includes a towel, soft drink and sunbed)

Location: Pearl Jumeirah Island

9. Al Bastakiya

This is the oldest residential area of Dubai. It was built in 1890. There are art galleries, museums, boutique hotels and cafes inside. The area is so quiet.

The wooden doors, narrow windows and water wells gives the feel of how the old emaratis lived. The place gives an authentic experience of old and new.

Since there are huge trees they gives the area a peaceful and shady atmosphere. The handicraft shops and coins just look amazing.

If you want some peaceful place to have a tea or coffee then this is a best place to relax. Therefore take a break away from the busy life and feel the calmness of the area.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Al Bastakiya or Heritage Village | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Entry Fees: No Entry Fees
Location: Bur Dubai

10. Etihad Museum Dubai

It is a place to get insight of the United Arab Emirate’s history both pre and post-unification. It has a pre-union panoramic map with interactions. There is a section dedicated for art gallery of founding rulers of UAE, a library, awesome exhibits, seminars and many more.

Since the architecture of the museum is very impressive, it looks like a fountain pen when observed from above. This design is a symbol of homage to the signing of the unification of All Emirates as UAE.

In addition to that the building is located in the exact same place where the Emirati leaders met 44 years ago.
Increase your cultural knowledge by attending educational programs, exhibitions, political history and personal stories of the founding of nation.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Etihad Museum | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Entry Fees:

  • Free for children below 5yrs
  • AED 25 for Above 25 yrs
  • 10 AED for 5 to 24 yrs
  • AED 20 for group of 10 or more

Time: Open daily from 10am-8pm

Under the 123-metre tall UAE flagpole on the junction of Jumeirah Road and 2nd of December Street.
(in front of Al Hudaiba Awards Building)

11. Al Qudra Lake Dubai

It is a cluster of man made lakes. There are a hundreds of exotic birds. It is the best picnic spot or barbecue.

If you are an efficient bike rider, this is the best place to hire a bike or take an expert advice for cycling. You can even hire a roadster for AED 105 per day. There are also sand bikes for off road adventures.

In addition Al Qudra has the world’s largest cycle track. It is 85 km. Friday mornings are the busiest time as there are rides organised by cycle safe organizers.

This is also a well known place for camping. There is also a coffee shop called Zad Food Store. The man made lake is being visited by more than 130 species of birds that includes eagles, falcons, flamingos and starlings.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Al Qudra Lake | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Entry Fees: Free
Drive towards Bab Al Shams- Keep Straight- Straight in roundabout- First Right- Left in T Junction- drive off road for 2 minutes.
Location: Al Qudra

12. Dubai Conservation Reserve

It is the first national park of UAE. The project is based on conserving the natural heritage of the country.

This reserve is to protect the last unharmed desert and the unique Arabian lifestyle. The last of the wilderness of the desert has been protected with advanced rehabilitation. Finally the beautiful desert habitat , threatened flora and fauna species have been preserved.

The main aim of the project is to protect the engendered species and natural desert habitat & heritage of UAE.

Four tourism are only selected to operate in the area. Because the area must be disturbed to the minimum so that there is minimum impact on the environment.

There are only nine predetermined areas for dining, camping, dune diving, camel riding, horse riding, Archery, wildlife drives, sand boarding and falcon display.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Dubai conservation Reserve | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Time:07:00am- 05:00pm
Location:Dubai conservation reserve

13. Bay Square or business bay

It is a multi use area of low rise buildings. There are 13 buildings including a hotel. The pedestrian only zone is the attractive feature of this area. Because of the presence of a beautiful fountain square, the area is kept cooler for outdoor dining. The area is enriched with shopping venues, retail markets, dining areas and community services.

The Bay square is located in the center point. It links to the south ridge, old town and executive towers that also has an easy access of main road. Finally it can also be easily accessed by public transportation links.

The main aim of the project is to make the place the best destination of the residents. Many business, families, workers, restaurants and shops are attracted to the beauty of the location.

In addition there are amazing places to dine like Circle Cafe, La Brioche and The Pantry. The area gives a feel of residing in a downtown pizza environment. It is a perfect place to experience the calm pizza lifestyle in a busy and bustling city.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Bay Square | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Location: Business Bay

14. Marasi Business Bay

It is a mixed use waterfront destination. This is the new dimension of Dubai tourism, retail sectors and residential areas. The total area of promenade will be 12km. The new landmark is going to be the heritage of Dubai creek.

Since this will be the longest waterfront promenade of UAE, there will be unique water homes, floating restaurants, innovative leisure programs and yacht berthing for five marinas. This will be the First floating home of UAE.

Because this is the best place for a leisure with luxury or tourism, experience the beauty of the area in a floating houses and restaurants.

The RTA yachts provides gateway to marasi business bay, yacht club and the park.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Marasi Business Bay | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Location: Dubai Water Canal, Dubai Creek

15. Legoland Dubai Theme Park

It is a theme park for children and families. There are a number of roller coasters best suited for children. The park is enriched with more than 40 LEGO theme rides and shows. There are both indoor and outdoor attractions for children. Six theme lands and more than 15,000 LEGO models with over 60 million LEGO bricks make the park look amazing and attractive.

Finally you can explore LEGO city, Imagination, factory, kingdoms, adventure and mini land. The best place to spend the summers because there are parks with lego brick monuments and zones. These places allows visitors to built their custom lego creations.The park is fully air-conditioned.

In addition there is Riverland in the middle of the park. The entry fees is FREE. Festivals and concerts are held in the shores of the artificial river. The area looks like America in early 1950s.

Another area with 1600s look of French town is also present in the park. It has faux chimneys and rustic stonework.

There is another area that has a Mughar-era or Indian look. Hotel resorts, Lapita and restaurants are also available for tourists.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Legoland Theme Park | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Entry Fees:

  • AED 295 for adults
  • AED 250 for children and seniors
  • Free for children under 3yrs
  • AED 765 for Annual pass with 10% discount on dining and shopping.
  • Free for Riverland

Time:10:00am to 06:00pm
Location:Legoland Dubai, Dubai Parks and Resorts (Near Jebel Ali area), Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

16. Bollywood Park

It is the world’s first Bollywood theme park. There are actions, adventures, romance, comedy, music, flavors, emotions and dances all in Bollywood style.

Since the park has 5 zones for the celebration of Mumbai’s legendary film industry, it is the most attractive place for Indians. Live performances, blockbusters, stage performances and flamboyant cinematic rides make the place much more entertaining that can not be achieved elsewhere.

Total area of the park is 1.7 million square feet.

The Boulevard area welcomes you with coffee and live entertainments. Therefore the Mumbai chowk has many famous food and shopping products enriched with the Bollywood spirit.

In addition Rustic Ravine has a spirit of cheerful Indian spirit. Royal Plaza has a rajmahal theater that gives the splendid visual effect. Bollywood film studios is where you can learn to create blockbusters.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Bollywood Theme Park | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Entry Fees:

  • AED 245 for children and seniors
  • 285 AED for Adults
  • AED 755 for annual pass


  • Thursday & Friday – 2pm to 12am
  • Saturday to Wednesday – 2pm to 10pm

Location: Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai

17. Last Exit – Food Trucks Station

It is a food truck dining area. Many popular restaurant brands of UAE can be found in the trucks here. It is the home for 12 vintage air streams.

You can experience the drive through experience here by driving around the last exit food trucks. Its your choice, whether you want to eat in your car or have fresh air and have your food on chairs and tables. The arrangements and the designs look like 1950s.

A vintage look of car repair warehouse can be seen on the interiors of the restaurants. In addition the washroom is also fitted with all parts of car and old rustic pipes. Chairs are made with car torn out seats.

Since there are a number of trucks with different food, finding your favorite truck is not easy. Finally the outlets include: Seafood, Hot dog, The Brass, Starbucks, Poco Loco, Operation Falafel, II Cafe De Roma, Clinton St. Bakery, Burger Pit, Big Smoke Burger and Baja Fresh.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Last Exit Dubai | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Time: 24/7
Location: Last Exit, Sheikh Zayed Road, just after interchange 11 in the Dubai direction

18. Outlet Village Dubai

It is a mall with more than 225 shops. This mall is famous for luxury discounts in UAE. Designer goods can be bought with bargaining on its price.

Since 24/7 there is a sale on branded products, the place attracts millions of visitors. The architecture and theme of the shopping mall attracts its visitors with a Tuscan appearance.

Finally there are arched walkways, fountains made of stones, courtyards, a wishing well towers in medieval styles. The theme and design of the mall is inspired by charming Italian town of San Gimingnano.

Some Brnads include The kooples, Maje, Sandro, Nike, Lanvin, Guiseppe Zanotti, Ton Ford and many more.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Outlet Village Dubai | New Places To Visit In Dubai

10am to 10pm from Sunday to Wednesday
10am to midnight from Thursday to Saturday
Location: Jebel Ali, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Parks & Resorts, Jebel Ali, Dubai

19. Dubai Festival City 

It has restaurants, cafes, departmental stores, high street chains, cinema and IKEA store all on a waterfront. It is near to Dubai Creek.This is the perfect mall for shopping as well as leisure.

There are waterside dining areas and indoor dinging areas on the terraced walkways on both level therefore the canal walk is totally serviced by the abras that gives a heaven like feel.

In addition to these a yachting hub is also available at the center festive marina. It is also surrounded by hotels, dining areas, shops etc.

The sky walk level spreads over south and north sides. Finally watch cinema at Novo Cinemas Dubai. There are also Bowling city and karaoke cabins.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
Dubai festival City | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Sun-Wed 10am-10pm
Thu-Sat 10am-midnight
Location: Dubai Festival City, Near Dubai Creek

20. DXB Music

It is a live music concert in the airport of Dubai International. The stage of #musicDXB has become one of the world’s largest stage.

Because universal language of music is used for entertaining the global travelers everyday, it is the first thing the Dubai visitors love about Dubai.

Talented people from around the world are welcomed to perform live in the concerts. The new rising stars and international actors both participate in entertaining the guests and tourists at the airport.

New Places To Visit In Dubai
DXB Music | New Places To Visit In Dubai

Entry Fees: Free
Location: Special #musicDXB stage in B Gate

21. Dragon Mart 2

This is a China mall. Dragon Mart 2 is an extended mall of old dragon mart.

It has 1,100 shops, novo cinemas, supermarket, hotels and more than 1,120 apartments. There are a number of dining options. The mall is very large with lot of space.

It is the 3rd largest mall after Yas mall and IBN Battuta mall. Do shopping for almost anything with cheapest prices. There are about 4,500 parking spaces.

New Places To Visit In Dubai

Sunday – Wednesday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Thursday – Satuday 10:00 am – 12:00 midnight
Location: Oman-Hatta highway


Since Dubai surprises you with a new places to visit in Dubai, you must be very attentive to the new places. The above mentioned places are already open. some may not yet be open for public access but are soon to be opened.

Keep checking the new updates about the places to know their entry fees and timings. Because Dubai has many secret projects going on under a cover, the opening is only revealed at the last time. Therefore keep yourself up to date to see what Dubai has to surprise you.

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