Winner Of Dubai World Cup 2016 | Horse Race Dubai


Horse Race Dubai

Horse Race Dubai 2016 show the winner of the World Cup- California Chrome.

Dubai has a beautiful place called Meydan. Every year horse race is organised here. There is enough place for the audience to watch the horses run their races with their riders.

The field is very nicely managed that you can see the horse running in the screen and even in front of you while you are seated in your seat. In addition to this food can also be served at your seat. There is a restaurant attached with the field.

Horse race Dubai has a number of horses from different countries to participate in the race. The race is started by warming up of the horses and putting them in their respective gates.

It is a enjoyment for the visitors to watch the horses run the race. The horses are given names and the names are displayed on the screen in front of you to mark their positions. The horses are brought with good training and racing abilities.

There are trainers and owners of the horse who bring their horse from different countries. This race is organized for more than 10 days in the Meydan. You are given gold, silver and bronze seats according to your choice.

Same as other sports these are also given proper safety and security. Therefore the participants need not to be afraid.

So enjoy your horse race either by watching or by participating. Since tickets are given to some people by the company there are a number of visitors here each year.

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