21 Dubai Mall Unknown Facts You Must Check Before Visiting

21 Dubai Mall Unknown Facts You Must Check Before Visiting

Dubai Mall Unknown Facts

Dubai mall unknown facts include the facts that are not known by many of the people who visit regularly.

Here are some Dubai Mall Unknown Facts for you to know Dubai mall more and more.

Unknown Facts

  1. Dubai mall is one of the world’s largest mall. It is fifteenth largest in the world
  2. 50 football pitches when combined together is the total area of Dubai mall i.e. 502,000 square metres
  3. It opened in the year 2009
  4. Burj Khalifa was funded by Abu Dhabi Prince Khalifa
  5. The waterfall illusion has an unique feature. When one observes one human hanging the other seems disappearing to the eyes
  6. Though the Address Dubai Mall and The Address Downtown Dubai are 2km away from one another, but they both have entrance through the mall
  7. Dubai Mall has 14,000 parking spaces across 3 different car parks
  8. They have valet services and a car locator ticketing system in the car parking area
  9. Dubai Mall is Emaar’s part of the Downtown Burj Khalifa project, 73 trillion 643 billion Dirhams
  10. Finally 1,200 Stores are there in Dubai Mall
  11. A number of pop up shops are not included in the stores’ list
  12. The Dubai Mall’s Aquarium glass panel is 2.4 million kg, 108 feet wide, 27 feet high and 29.5 inches thick and 541,486 pounds
  13. 13,800 tonnes of steel were used to build the mall (that’s more steel used than the Eiffel Tower)
  14. Finally in 2013 Dubai Mall announced phase 1 of their expansion
  15. There are only 4 floors in Dubai Mall
  16. There is the world’s largest king croc in the underwater aquarium 
  17. SEGA Republic is a 76,000 square foot indoor theme park and arcade with 150 amusement rides and games
  18. The Reel Cinema is a 22-screen movie theater that seats a capacity of 2,800. Finally over 10,000 people visited the cinema during opening week
  19. The world’s largest candy store, Candylicious was open in 2009
  20. On 25 February 2010 the largest aquarium got a leak which led some of the shops to temporarily close down. Hence forced shoppers to evacuate the mall immediately.
  21. Also Dubai mall has the world largest OLED screen displayed above the underwater world

Dubai Mall Attractions 

There are a number of attractions to check out in Dubai Mall. Also some of the secret places you must visit are in this link.

Since there are some crazy stuffs you can enjoy without paying a single penny. Therefore take your family or come in a visit visa to spend a day in this mall and explore the mall completely.

Also there are 11 malls you can access through Dubai Metro Green and Red Line.

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