Amazing Dubai Cycling Race In Dubai DMCC Of The Year 2014


Dubai Cycling Race

Dubai Cycling race is organised every year for the people of Dubai to stay fit and healthy.

This Video shows the cycle racing of the year 2014 in a short glimpse. First of all the racers are free to participate whether they are from any country. There are different divisions of racing depending on the distance you need to cover.

A very well managed arrangements for the security and ambulance services for the hurt racers are arranged. Here is a video of the racers followed by the care takers and the camera mans.

Dubai is a city full of life. People are busy everyday with their works and jobs. Yet you won’t be surprised to see many people participating in different activities of the city.

There are occasional competitions organized by different organizations each week. Every where people take interest to participate and enjoy the life. While some parks arrange sports competitions others arrange children sports competitions.

In addition to the cycle race there are also other races like car race, camel race, horse race and many others. The people of Dubai have made great records of winning good prizes.

Dubai keeps the people active and happy. Every single day some new thing is added to the city. Due to the activities organised in the city the people even love to stay back in the city during holidays.

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre organizes the cycle race each year. Therefore if you have any question related to the Cycling of the year 2014 you can visit the DMCC website.

Enroll yourself for the next year. And get prepared for the cycling race. If you have passion in cycling you need not stop it. Dubai gives you opportunity for all your passions. Be a part of Dubai Cycling race today.


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