12 Cheapest Health Insurance UAE Avoid Fines With Visa

12 Cheapest Health Insurance UAE Avoid Fines With Visa

12 Cheapest Health Insurance UAE

Cheapest Health Insurance UAE for people with lower salaries are mentioned for your help.

Dubai residents who do not have a health insurance will have to pay fines with their visa.

This fines has come to an effect from April 1st.

The Fine will be imposed on the sponsors and employers (not employees).

Furthermore fine will be 500 AED per month.

Since new visa will be granted or renewed without the valid health insurance.
For visitors the coverage must be provided by December 31st, 2017.

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The best way to to get an Insurance with the best affordable price for 12 months. You can then switch to a better plan after the expiry.

Family package start from 650 AED
Elderly package start from 2500 AED

Essential Benefit Plan (EBP) 500 to 700 AED

Inpatient coverage: Pay 20% of total bill along with 500 AED of cap per visit.
*If aggregate cap is more than 1000 AED then 100% bill will be covered.

Outpatient coverage: Pay 20% of the bill and free visit for following 7 days.

Tests: Pay 20% of the total bill. Finally only 6 physiotherapy sessions per year are free.

Maternity: pay 10% up to 8 visits to Physical health care. Normal devilry will get 7000 AED benefit and C-Section will need to pay 10,000 AED. Also only 30 days will be covered free of cost for newborns.

Medicines: Pay just 30% (Max limit 1,500 AED)

Annual Insurance: 500-700 AED
Annual Claims: 150,000 AED

Cost for Different Categories

  1. Married Female: Dh 1,600 to Dh 1,750
  2. Residents with Dh 4,000 or less monthly salary: Dh 650 to Dh 725
  3. Dependents: Dh 650 to Dh 725
  4. Domestic workers: Dh 650 to Dh 725
  5. Elderly Residents (Age 65 or more): Dh 650 to Dh 725
  6. Parents aged 65 and above: Dh 2,500

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How to apply for Health Insurance in Dubai


  • Residence visa (original and Copy)
  • Passport (original and copy)
  • Address Proof (original and copy)
  • 2 Passport sized photo in white background
  • Family doctors contact details and old reports with medical history.
  • Marriage certificate (For spouse visa)
  • Enrollment proof (For dependent children under 18)

Steps to Follow

  • Find a DHA approved Insurance company
  • Get a quote online or offline
  • Compare the quotes
  • Fill the application form and submit with required original documents
  • Pay with cheque or pay for 12 months upfront

Companies Providing Cheapest Insurance In UAE

12 companies that provide beneficial package from 550 AED to 750 AED for employees under 4000 AED salary

  1. Noor Takaful Insurance
  2. Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company
  3. Union Insurance
  4. Axa Gulf Insurance
  5. Takaful Emarat
  6. Dar Al Takaful
  7. Orient Insurance
  8. Ras Al Khaimah Insurance Company
  9. Daman Health Insurance
  10. Oman Insurance Company
  11. Metlife
  12. National General Insurance.

Registered Health Insurance Providers in UAE are only 46. Therefore be sure from where you get your insurance before purchasing.

In Addition there are also group insurance issued for an employee by the employer. So this insurance can be tailor made. Therefore it will cover the dependents like spouse, minors and domestic house helps.

Get Insurance Card Interlinked With Emirates ID

Finally the last minute rush has caused the issuing of cards difficult for the insurers. Thinking about the alternative way to replace Insurance card, Emirated ID came into the play.

Therefore now you can use your Emirates ID in place of Insurance card.

At last the major benefit is the ease of carrying a single card instead of many cards for different purposes. There is a plan for allowing the use of Emirates ID internationally for insurance in future. But for now you must carry the insurance card out of UAE for any medical use.

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Health Insurance According to Labor Law

For Lower Salaries (4000 or less per month)

Because of the new labor law you will be allowed to access limited range of clinics and hospitals that makes DHA facility.

Insurance Cost- Min. 500 to 700 AED

Health Cover- Max. 150,000 AED

Also you will have to pay 20% at every doctors visit.

12 Cheapest Health Insurance UAE Avoid Fines With Visa

Basic Coverage Includes

  • General Physician visits
  • Specialists Referrals
  • Surgeries
  • Tests
  • Investigations
  • Maternity or Pregnancy
  • All kind of Emergencies
  • Dental emergencies

Basic Insurance Excludes

Since it excludes all luxury medical expenses, the basic insurance will exclude the following.

  • Cosmetic
  • Dental
  • Optical medical procedures
  • For the first 6 months of subscription to Insurance Pregnancy will not be covered
  • The first 6 months will not be covered for any chronic disease too
  • Finally no private rooms but only general rooms will be provided under the basic cover
  • In addition New Born babies must get an insurance card before 30 days after birth

10 Points To Consider For Health Insurance In Dubai

  1. Health insurance is mandatory for Dubai Residents
  2. Know the employers right to play your insurance
  3. Check the list covered by your insurance
  4. Know the essential benefits plans for your card
  5. Check your pre existing health conditions before applying
  6. Buy insurance six months before pregnancy
  7. If you are pregnant check what will be covered for the new born
  8. Check the hospital networks and the cheapest health insurance UAE
  9. Learn about the Co- Insurance and Concessions
  10. Finally check if dental and optical benefits covered

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