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Law and order

Law and order of Dubai is a must know before visiting. There are UAE rules for dressing, food, travel, transportation, religion and many more

Convert Indian Passport Convert Indian Passport with PIO (Person of Indian Origin) Cards into OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) Cards says the Indian Embassy Last Date December 31st 2017 What will happen when travelling? Finally PIO Card holders with handwritten cards will...
Excise Tax Dubai UAE Excise Tax Dubai UAE has already come into action. But you need to know these things about excise tax to escape the taxation in Dubai. The new tax system will lower the consumption of unhealthy products. This...
New Rules Of Dubai Driving License 2017 New rules of Dubai Driving License For Expats says that the expats will get a driving license only for 2 years. “Drive safely, abide by law and avoid tickets and black points.”- Maj. Gen. Al...
12 Cheapest Health Insurance UAE Cheapest Health Insurance UAE for people with lower salaries are mentioned for your help. Dubai residents who do not have a health insurance will have to pay fines with their visa. This fines has come to an...

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