Burj Khalifa New Year Celebration In Dubai 2018 Light Show

Burj Khalifa New Year Celebration In Dubai 2018 Light Show

Burj Khalifa New Year Celebration

Burj Khalifa New Year Celebration is going to be a surprise for the public. EMAAR has organized a laser light show this year.

Furthermore there will be live DJ and fountain show. Burj Khalifa is the best place for welcoming new year. Also every year a number of people gather at the world’s tallest building to celebrate the event.

The Burj Khalifa Light Show is a tribute to Sheikh Zayed. Therefore this year will also be known as ‘Zayed year 2018’. Burj Khalifa New Year Celebration is a replacement of fire works.

Reasons For ‘No Fireworks’

There are a number of reasons for not displaying any fireworks in the iconic building. Unlike past years the authorities said there will no longer be fire show in Burj Khalifa. Here are the reasons:

  1. Crackers used for the fireworks cause air pollution
  2. The crowd gathering in the area is unmanageable
  3. Number of tragedies occur in the crowd
  4. Children get lost and old aged people gets suffocated in the crowd
  5. Closure of roads causes more inconvenience

Laser Show- ‘Light Up 2018’

Burj Khalifa light show will light up 2018 with a laser light show on the midnight of new year eve. Since nothing much is revealed, the visitors are more excited for the show. Furthermore the light show is going to the the World Record Breaker.

Burj Khalifa New Year Celebration In Dubai 2018 Light Show

Preparations of the Laser Show

Behind the scene the team has really worked hard to achieve the best outcome possible. In addition to different challenges faced by the team, the team has successfully finished its preparations.

Also the team faced multiple natural and artificial challenges during its preparation like sand storm, rain, hot temperatures and many more. There were lesser exits for the team that were easily accessible.

Testing of the Light Show

Since EMAAR has put all its effort in making everything world record breaking, this show is also being tested for perfection. Furthermore during the last weeks unique lighting on the Burj Khalifa Walls have been spotted by viewers around the area.

Two time the building was lit in bright colors. But no doubt the testing displays are not the ones that are going to surprise you on the day.

Revealing of the Laser Show

Burj Khalifa has tweeted, added videos in Facebook and websites about the laser show. Some believe that the show is going to be based on ‘Neon Blue’ color.

The videos and pictures reveal Burj Khalifa lit up in neon blue color with an amazing music in the background.

Dubai has always surprised its visitors, so no doubt it will give you the biggest surprise on the new year eve.

Burj Khalifa New Year Celebration In Dubai 2018 Light Show

Events in Burj Khalifa on New year 

There are three main events planned and revealed till now. They include the following

  1. 05:00 PM- Fountain Show
  2. 06:00 PM to 12:00 AM- Live DJ
  3. 12:00 AM to 01:00 AM- Light Show

Viewing Deck 

This year Downtown Dubai has planned and organized the event along with the government organizations. Therefore the seats for elderly and people with disabilities and been well planned.

Furthermore the public has been requested to arrive at the location before 6 PM. Therefore be on the specified location to avoid crowds.

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Transportation on New Year Eve

1.Traffic diversions

  • Oud Metha road, Al Asayel road, Zabeel bridges and Al Saada road
  • Traffic on the Internal roads In the Business Bay area will be routed towards Shaikh Zayed Road and Al Khali Road in order to ease the pressure on the Financial Centre Road

2. Road closures

  • Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard will be closed from 6pm or 8pm depending on the traffic flow
  • Also Upper and lower decks of Financial Centre Road will be closed from 8pm
  • Al Asayel Road will be closed at 40m (except for public transport and VIP passage
  • At 8pm Al Sukook Road
  • Al MuroOJ Rotana intersection leading to Bun Khalifa and Tunnel at 6pm
  • Zabeel Intersection at 8pm
  • Finally Emirates Towers roundabout leading to Al Saada Road at 10pm

3. Metro and Tram

  • Dubai Metro’s Red Line will operate from 5.30am and Green Line from 5.50am from midnight of December 31 to January 2 midnight
  • Furthermore Burj Khalifa Metro Station will closed from 10pm on Saturday to 6am on Sunday
  • Dubai Tram will operate non-stop from 6.30am on Saturday to lam on January 2

4. Buses

  • Furthermore 160 buses to service shuttle service between alternative parking areas and Downtown Dubai
  • 10 buses to operate on Shaikh Zayed Road In the direction of Abu Dhabi. Picking up passengers at Bug Khalifa Metro Station and Noor Bank Metro Station
  • Also 40 buses to operate on the service road of Shaikh Zayed Road heading to and from alternative parking locations as well Deira City Centre
  • 50 buses to operate on Al Saada Road to commute riders to and from Downtown Dubai area to the parking locations of DWTC and Al WaSI Club. The pick-up point for this service will be on Al Abraj Road behind Vida Hotel
  • 20 buses to serve from the Business Bay Metro Station and the parking area of Al Was! Club. picking up and dropping off passengers on Al Abraj Road
  • Finally 20 buses will operate along Al Abraj Road and Al Asayel Road to and from Al Wasl Club parking area. Riders can move to Deira City Centre and back to the same pick-up. drop-off points
  • In addition 20 buses will run to and from Al Wasl area next to Gulf News office near Dubai Water Canal fountain serving Deira City Centre through Umm Amara Road. Shaikh Zayed Road. Meydan Road and Shaikh Rashid Road

Burj Khalifa New Year Celebration In Dubai 2018 Light Show

5. Parking

  • 21,000 parking spaces in total to be available for New Year’s Eve revelers
  • 17,000 parking slots allotted at Dubai Mall and Downtown Dubai
  • Also 2,000 spaces reserved at Al Wasl Club
  • 1,500 parking slots designated at Eid Musalla in Mankhool as well as at Dubai World Trade Centre
  • 500 parking spaces available in Jafliya near the Department of Residency and Foreigners Affairs
  • Also 1,000 slots available at Zabeel Park

Watch Burj Khalifa Light Show Live Here

Burj Khalifa New Year Celebration In Dubai 2018 Light Show

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  1. 🙁 last few years I have watched Dubai and Sydney battle it out for best show, but of course the year I come to Dubai they decide to put on the second weakest New years I have ever seen. #bringbackthefireworks.

    • Hello,
      Sorry for the disappointment. Due to over-crowding which caused many accidents each year and due the pollution caused by the fireworks, EMAAR has decided to replace the fireworks with the Light Show this year.


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