About Us

About us is the place you can know about NASCAUAE in detail.


At NASCAUAE we provide you the latest as well as the oldest things happening in Dubai, UAE. We share entertainment, traditional, sports, news and technologies going around in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Who is NASCAUAE For?

This site is for all the people who wants to know about the latest things to do in Dubai and also learn about the history of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Why We Post Blogs?

If you love to travel and visit new places then you will find this place a perfect hub.
Be updated with the offers available in Dubai. Know the latest addition of new places that you can not find elsewhere.

What you will get?

Here you will find a number of different activities like

  • Entertainment
  • Videos
  • Sports blog
  • Unknown facts
  • Dubai guide
  • Dubai tourism
  • Latest Attractions

Where to Start?

Start from the history of Dubai to the addition of new attraction in Dubai. Any latest news and activities are updated in detail.

Who I am?

I am in Dubai for last 7 years travelling different spots and participating in many activities.

Why I write Blog?

I started to write a blog from last year to let people know everything they must know.
One day I was searching for a detail of some place to visit, I could not find it anywhere.

So that was the day I planned to start my own blog to help others know each and everything in detail.

Why You Must Read My Posts?

I do not like reading long paragraphs that wastes most of my time. Therefore I thought of writing everything in bullet form that can make anyone go through it easily in less time.

I also find anything with picture more attracted than a plain paragraph. Hence you can find a picture for each and every heading that will make you enjoy reading.

Not only you will enjoy it but also find it easier to understand and visualize the written words.

Want to be part of our Journey?

If you find this site great, be updated by Subscribing to us. We will let you know whenever we post a new page.

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